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Get high-speed uncapped fibre broadband from R549pm. Now available in over 700 locations.

Fibre internet is fast and stable. No more buffering or lost connections.

Vox Telecom offers uncapped & capped fibre internet options packed with value

Vox Fibre is perfect for gaming, skype, video and streaming TV and streaming radio services.

Turn Your Home Or Business Into A Fully Connected Wi-Fi Hotspot

High quality unshaped and uncapped fat pipe data for a limitless and fast internet experience.

Unshaped & Unlimited Internet

Vox Fibre Internet
Best FTTH service

Low Latency For Gaming, VoIP & Video

Port your telephone number to the Vox network and make unlimited calls.

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Uncapped Voice Options

Reliable Connection





Basic Uncapped Fibre 2Mbps




Basic Uncapped Fibre 4Mbps




Select The Right Fibre Internet Package Based On Your Data Needs

Vox Telecom Basic & PRO Uncapped Fibre packages valid until the 31st March 2017


Meal Delivery

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Basic Uncapped Fibre 20Mbps


Basic Uncapped Fibre 40Mbps

Basic Uncapped Fibre 8Mbps


Basic Uncapped Fibre 100Mbps

Basic Uncapped Fibre 10Mbps


Vox Telecom Uncapped Fibre Packages Include

Sign up before the end of April and we will waive the standard set-up fee of R1710 including vat.

+ Fibre Line Rental


+ Uncapped Data

Don't need unlimited data? Check out our capped data packages:

+ FREE High-End Wi-Fi Router

broadband fibre internet

+ Month-To-Month Contract


+ Setup & Confguration

PRO Uncapped 2Mbps R699pm

FREE 1GB Mobile Data

PRO Uncapped 4Mbps R849pm

Uncapped Voice Calling

PRO Uncapped 8Mbps R949pm

telkom fibre

PRO Uncapped 10Mbps R999pm

PRO Uncapped Fibre With Uncapped Voice

PRO Uncapped 20Mbps R1599pm

FREE Vobi Softphone

PRO Uncapped 40Mbps R2149pm

telkom fibre

PRO Uncapped 100Mbps R3149pm

telkom fibre

Do I need my existing analogue fixed line?

All Vox Telecom FTTH contracts (PRO, BASIC & CAPPED) are on a month-month contract basis.

What is included in the PRO package?

What is the installation & set up fee?

What router is included?

There is an installation fee of R1710 including VAT on all packages. Currently, we are running a limited promotion where the installation fee is completely free!

How long are the fibre contracts?

Frequently Asked Questions

No copper fixed line is needed at all. If you want to keep your old telephone number, then we can port this number to the Vox network and you can take advantage of the voice packages included in most of the fibre bundles.

How long does the installation take?

Vox Telecom will supply you with a high-end Wi-Fi router and it is included FREE on all contracts. These routers have 4 LAN (ethernet ports) for cabled connections and also has built-in WiFi to create your own personal hotspot in your home or business.

FTTH applications currently take between 3 and 6 weeks depending on the connecting network so get your application in early.

In addition to the WiFi router, you will also get an uncapped calling package and Vobi Softphone. You can port your telephone number to the Vox network or Vox can issue you a new telephone number. You also get a free 1GB mobile data simcard.

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What Clients Say

Pat Mckune

"A one stop shop for internet, voice and support. You can actually ring and speak to a person without holding for hours, In short, great service and great value, a winning combination."

Lake Michelle, Noordhoek

"My best choice of late was to go with FTTH with Vox Telecom (via DSL Telecom). The 1 to 1 service and support has been outstanding, and the package is loaded with benefits that outstrip the rest"

Somerset West

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